Who We Are

About us

Lumispot Tech was established in 2010, with its headquarters located in Wuxi City. The company has a registered capital of 78.55 million yuan and boasts an office and production area of 14,000 square meters. Lumispot Tech has subsidiaries in Beijing(Lumimetric), and Taizhou. The company specializes in the field of laser information applications, with its main business involving the research, development, production, and sales of semiconductor lasers, rangefinder modulesfiber lasers, solid-state lasers, and related laser application systems. Its annual sales volume is approximately 200 million RMB. The company is recognized as a national-level specialized and new "Little Giant" enterprise and has received support from various national innovation funds and military research programs, including the High-Power Laser Engineering Center, provincial and ministerial-level innovation talent awards, and several national-level innovation funds.

Register Capital CNY
Proportion of Talents

What we have?


01 ------- Technical Advantages

We integrate multidisciplinary expertise for product development, with dozens ofinternationally leading core technologies &hundreds of core processes, transforming laboratory technology prototypes into batchigh-tech products.

02 -------  Product Advantages

Forming a variety of product mapping of devices + components, pre-research generation ,development generation production generation delivery generation, has formed a rolling patten rof new product delivery to ensure a steady rise in sales.

03 ------- Experience Advantages

20+ years of successful experience in the professional laser industry, channel accumulation and the formation of a three-dimensional sales of direct sales service model.

04 ------- Operational Management Advantages

We have introduced advanced management processes and information systems to form the unique corporate culture of LumispotTech, achieving efficient operation of information flow and capital flow and compliance control.

Our Laser Products


Lumispot's product range includes semiconductor lasers of various powers (405 nm to 1064 nm), line laser lighting systems, laser rangefinders of various specifications (1 km to 90 km), high-energy solid-state laser sources (10mJ to 200mJ), continuous and pulsed fiber lasers, and fiber optic gyros for medium, high, and low precision applications (32mm to 120mm) with and without a framework. The company's products are widely used in fields such as optoelectronic reconnaissance, optoelectronic countermeasures, laser guidance, inertial navigation, fiber optic sensing, industrial inspection, 3D mapping, the Internet of Things, and medical aesthetics. Lumispot holds over 130 patents for inventions and utility models and has a comprehensive quality certification system and qualifications for special industry products.

Team Strength


Lumispot boasts a high-level talent team, including PhDs with many years of experience in laser research, senior management and technical experts in the industry, and a consulting team composed of two academicians. The company has more than 300 employees, with research and development personnel accounting for 30% of the total workforce. Over 50% of the R&D team holds master's or doctoral degrees. The company has repeatedly won major innovation teams and leading talent awards from various levels of government departments. Since its establishment, Lumispot has built good cooperative relationships with manufacturers and research institutes in many military and special industry fields, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, weapons, electronics, railways, and electric power, by relying on stable and reliable product quality and efficient, professional service support. The company has also participated in pre-research projects and model product development for the Equipment Development Department, the Army, and the Air Force.